Monday, June 2, 2014

Bib and Tucker - North Fremantle

Bib and Tucker impressed me with their Ocean Trout Tartare with Harissa Aioli and crunchy capers at the Taste of Perth Festival. Negative reviews of poor service and price aside, we visited on a wintry Sunday for lunch. The restaurant was fairly full, so we were seated at the bar, away from their most venerated aspect - the view. We could still get ocean glimpses if we looked sideways, but another, rarer treat was entirely ours: watching the chefs prepare the food. There should be more restaurants in Perth with the opportunity to see your food under construction. It's theatrical and highly entertaining, and made the long wait for our food a lot more bearable. 

Soft Shell Tempura Crab Slider

The creamy Avocado somewhat overwhelmed the Crab, and the toasted Sesame bun was nice, but I feel the Crab would have benefited from a supporting cast that didn't outshine it so brightly.

 Hand cut chips

I love that they left the skin on. The accompanying Aioli was very light and not at all oily.

Ocean Trout Fettucini with Mascarpone, Peas, Lemon and crunchy Capers.

The Mascarpone added a sweet and elegant creaminess without being heavy handed. The Trout was beautiful and fresh and complemented the sweetness of the pasta sauce. The acid of the Capers was somewhat dulled by being cooked, and they had absorbed some of the moisture of the pasta and weren't all that crunchy any more, but weren't in any way objectionable. An excellent and balanced dish, it managed to be hearty and satisfying without being too heavy.

Rotisserie Chicken 

The Chicken skin was crispy and delicious, the Spelt Risotto and Pumpkin with Chestnuts was well cooked but sadly under-seasoned. 

Our food was reasonably good, but didn't really leave anything to rave about or a burning desire to return. The views were spectacular, and would surely be admired if you took people from out of town. 

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