Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No4 Blake Street - North Perth

No4 Blake Street first entered my consciousness when we visited the Taste Of Perth festival, which was a great opportunity to sample the wares of different restaurateurs around Perth. The chocolate garden on No4's menu intrigued me, and I'm highly susceptible to gimmicky desserts, especially where chocolate is concerned. It was an enchanting little dish; the first layer is an edible chocolate soil with edible flowers. Below this was a delicate chocolate mousse. As we picked away at this delightful little pot, we uncovered myriad surprises! First off was a great big gob of peanut butter, little chocolate balls, and another vice of mine, Macadamia nuts. The chocolate garden was eminently delightful and evoked a sense of childish wonder. 

Chocolate Garden

Taste-buds well and truly whetted, we gambled on a late lunch visit on Mother's day, where the restaurant/cafe was surprisingly not-that-full. 

Confit Duck Maryland, Israeli Couscous & Date, Zucchini ribbons, Mint and preserved Lemon salad
I really enjoyed the heartiness of this sweet and game-y Duck dish. It was perfect for a torpid winter day.
The dates weren't readily apparent but their sweetness permeated the dish in an understated yet adequate manner. The couscous was packaged in some sort of thin crisp pastry which was visually appealing and imparted a crispiness to the otherwise soft carbohydrate. The preserved Lemon, along with the Mint, provided an almost effervescent counterpoint to the heaviness of the Duck and Couscous. The generous serving of duck was soft and fell apart on my fork. Creative, novel, and masterful. 

Pan fried Barramundi, sushi rice cake, pickled Radish and toasted sesame dressing.
I didn't really like this dish; the flavour of the fish was just something that didn't really pique my interest. It doesn't help that I'm not a fan of Barramundi and I was fixated by my gorgeous Duck. The fish was quite summery and light, which didn't suit my craving on the day. My dining partner who ordered this dish remarked that "the crispy skin and sesame dressing were the highlights of this dish".

Belgium Waffle, Chocolate Parfait, Passion fruit curd, Passionfruit clay and Honey
The chocolate Waffles were very dry and crumbly, suspiciously like they were pre-packaged. I'm not a Waffle connoisseur, but when I picture a good Waffle, it has many the same qualities as a pancake: fluffy and moist, but with a... Waffle-y shape! The Passion fruit curd and Chocolate mousse however was divine and worked well together. Despite my complaints neither of could resist licking the plate clean.

No4 at Blake St's dinner menu looks amazingly creative and varied, and we can't wait to try it.

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