Monday, March 3, 2014

Voyage Kitchen - Sorrento

It was a busy public holiday Monday morning when we decided to try Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento, just next to Hillary's Boat Harbour. The menu didn't look all that interesting- most of the items were pretty standard brunch fare: eggs, toast, muesli, feta etc. Upon arriving we had to drive around for a little to find parking, and there was a small crowd waiting out the front for a table. I wasn't feeling too excited at this point, but we put our name down for a table and were told we wouldn't have to wait long, and indeed we didn't.

We managed to score a great table just outside in the shade with a glimpse of the ocean and plenty of people-watching opportunities as the outdoor crowd passed by. The restaurant seems to be pretty popular with the active crowd; there were more than a few patrons wearing cycling and running gear, and a number of dog walkers (dogs welcome in the al fresco section).  

Our orders were taken pretty quickly, and the service was unexpectedly efficient given the signs posted around for kitchen hands, waiters and baristas. Our coffees came first, and C, my regular-coffee-drinking partner (I don't drink coffee) declared hers was "pretty good". We didn't order any other drinks, as, well, $9.50 for a juice? Everything had a 15% surcharge for the public holiday, but still!

I ordered the Voyage Farm Yard Breakfast (basically "The Lot"):
Eggs any way, pork and sage sausage, bacon, homemade hash brown, grilled tomato, 
roasted pesto mushrooms, tomato relish, ciabatta toast

I chose fried eggs - sunny side up. A bit of a classic brunch item, so nothing spectacular, but everything was done right. The sausages were fantastic, nice and crispy skins with a great flavour and moistness inside, and still hot. I wonder if they were home-made or bought? The eggs were perfectly cooked not burnt or chewy on the bottom. The hash brown wasn't too greasy or doughy, it was light and well seasoned. The Ciabatta crust was a little chewy, making it hard to cut with a butter knife, but you can't have runny eggs without a form of bread. The tomato relish was a brilliant mix of sweet, vinegary, savoury tomato flavours that went well with just about everything else on the plate. 

Voyage Breakfast Board
Zucchini fritters with smoked salmon and lemon sour cream, brioche slider with poached egg, 
pecorino, tomato relish and rocket, potted yoghurt with berry compote and nut crumble.

Another set of brunch stalwarts, executed well. The Zucchini fritter was cooked well and the salmon was nice and fresh, and there was a generous amount of it. The yoghurt and nut crumble was mixed in just the right proportions, not too sweet, and the berries were fantastic.

 Buttermilk Pancakes
Mixed berry compote, vanilla mascarpone and maple syrup
Pancakes seem to be one of those recipes that are really easy to learn, but difficult to master. The cooks at Voyage Kitchen have mastered the art of a great pancake. The mascarpone wasn't overly sweet or cloying, the maple syrup was subtle, not overpowering, and the berries were plentiful and fresh. The stand-out though were the pancakes themselves: they were so fluffy and moist. I've had pancakes that tasted a little of raw flour and were doughy or felt dry in the mouth, but these didn't have any those qualities. I would definitely order these again.

Voyage Kitchen is a seemingly uninteresting, well placed restaurant in the Northern Suburbs with a very classical menu and pretty high prices (Our meal was $76 - 3 plates and 2 coffees, including the %15 public holiday surcharge). $22.80 for eggs on toast, bacon, sausage, mushroom and tomato! $9.50 for a juice etc. Despite the high price and unadventurous dining options, we both left feeling very satisfied with our meals

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